Which Ad Would You Click?

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”

Popular classified ad websites such as Craigslist.com, Kijiji.ca and Backpage.com have allowed small businesses/business professionals to use their free advertising websites to attain enormous amounts of profits/leads on a daily basis.

Some classified ad websites use to only allow text based ads resulting in confusing and ineffective sales ads being created by advertisers who stuffed too much information in their ads.

It’s a fact that most people online respond better to images and videos compared to text based ads. This is great because Craigslist.com, Kijiji.ca and Backpage.com do not openly inform users that their platform allows html coding allowing your image ads to directly click through to your website. This is a little known fact that you can take advantage of.

On the internet you only have seconds to capture customer’s attention. By having an image ad that allows potential customers to immediately click through to your website is very powerful. It immediately connects the customer to your website which can be the difference between a potential customer and one that’s lost.

How else can this help your business? If, you’re a plumber, salon owner, lawyer, chiropractor or any other kind of business/services provider you can have professional advertising ads just like ads on Yellowpages.com but at a affordable price and possibly with a much bigger audience.

This is a really powerful time because in essence it evens the playing field. You are no longer forced to strictly advertise with one main website such Yellowpages.com and pay their advertising fees. You can now advertise for lower costs on these classified ad websites.

If, your ads are effective and get a lot of response this can be very, very lucrative to your business or professional service company. Which means more money $$$ to YOU!

Let us help you increase your customer base by offering our service of creating quality customized ads for your business made to order. These ads are straightforward and incorporate our online marketing expertise within them.

The great news is that they’re affordable and won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. They’ll allow the potential customer who’s browsing to instantly click through to your website in hopes of turning them into a paying customer.

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”

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